Whether it's about myself or working with clients, self-care and self-love is always a very important topic. Life is busy and our to-do lists are long. There is not much time for ourselves. However, this time is very important. Loving yourself affects every area of your life. Be it in the area of work, friends, family, your diet and much more. how you think about yourself and how you deal with yourself, that is automatically transferred to your outside.

Ich selbst bemerke dies immer wieder und daher ist seit Jahren das Thema Self-care und Selbst-liebe ein grosser Aspekt meines Lebens und auch meiner Arbeit.
Da wir auch immer noch in der Krebszeit sind und die Energie des Krebses für Self-care steht, habe ich heute diesen Post auch dem Thema gewidmet.

With the time we take for ourselves, we fill our inner tank. We nourish ourselves, we nourish every single cell in our body. Only when our tank is full can we also nourish others and be the best possible person not only for ourselves but also for those around us. For this reason, it is so important that we take time for ourselves and that we fill our tank and create the basis that brings us into balance, that nourishes us and that allows us to keep a cool head even in stressful times.

Today I am therefore sharing three ways how you can integrate more self-care time into your life and thereby not only automatically fill your tank, but also stay centered, in your power and always in stressful moments keep a cool head.

1. Take it seriously

I also like to compare self-care time with important doctor appointments. You would never call the dentist or doctor 30 minutes or generally shortly before and cancel the appointment, would you? This is how it should be with your self-care time. If necessary, mark them in bold on your calendar. Stick to these appointments, the time for you. Let nothing else get in the way, your time to yourself is just as important as a doctor or business appointment.

2. Morning and evening routine

I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again in this post. How you start the day and how you end it is extremely important. If you start your day by giving all of your attention to social media or anything else outside of you, you're already completely distracted. All your energy is already on the outside and you give away all your energy on the outside. It is therefore extremely important that you create a morning routine that helps you to start the day nourished and in your power. In my book NOURISH YOURSELF WITH SELF LOVE, SPIRITUALITY


you can find an entire chapter on morning routine if you are struggling to find the right and appropriate one for you. The same applies to your evening routine. Again, I dedicate a whole part to the evening routine and how to find the right one for you. It is important that you let go of the day's baggage and that you go into the evening grounded. This not only helps you for your own well-being, but also for a restful sleep.

3. Be gentle to yourself

This point is especially true for the female readers here. Our hormones, our cycle are not made to give 100 or even 120% every day. There are simply days when the energy level is low, other days we have more energy. Especially on days when the mood is not great, the energy level is not at 100%, it is all the more important: BE GENTLE TO YOURSELF

Be nice to yourself, thank your body all the more during this time for all the things it always does for you. Give you extra loving words and or even a personal hug. Nurture your inner child, give it love.

We're all doing our best, and if that means not cooking anything fresh today or skipping a workout, then that's fine. Always listen to your body and its signals. Our body talks to us every day, listen to what it has to say to you and above all give your body what it needs to always do its best so that you can go through the day healthy and full of energy.

Have a wonderful week and all the best