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The Deboras Wellness "back to you" Guide is your companion for your journey to yourself. The goal and purpose of the guide is to connect you with your body, love it, be more mindful, discover and unleash your power and strengthen your intuition.

What's included in the Guide:
The guide contains a guide to seven topics. Each week you will focus on a specific topic. You'll get all the action steps you need to go through the guide at your own pace. Whenever you like, repeat a week or take a break.


  • Morning Routine
  • Positive Mindset
  • practice Selfcare and Selflove
  • all about Surrender
  • listen and strenghthen your intuition
  • Food Mindset
  • Mindful Movement

In this guide I share all my tools and steps that I have learned and taken over the years through my own journey. Be it from my trainings, books or based on my intuition. I share in the guide all that I myself live and embody on a daily basis and what has helped me and moved me forward.

Embark on your own journey, learn everything you need to come into your power, be in your body, nourish it and love it. Learn everything you need to get through your day mindful, stress free, productive and be in your center and balance.

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