DW Method – all abou being in the present moment, connect with yourself and your body
embody the emotion through movement and expressing them not push them down


DW Method is a combination of Pilates- / Yoga and Meditation. Its all about slow and controlled movements which strengthen, sculpt and tone your body and nourish your body from inside and outside. It is about the connection with your body. Learn to connect on a deeper level with your body.

DW Method is more than just a workout. It is about you and the connection to your inner self and your body. Slow and controlled movement which support you to let the energy move and not hold on to it.

Become more present and nourish and feel your body on a deep level.

The aim is to let the energy flow in the body, bring it into balance and release tension. Connect with yourself, calm your mind and nourish your body inside and out.

The more you are in your body, the less you are in your mind and so the mind becomes light and free and you are no longer in the thinking but more in the being


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