Ilove talking to wonderful inspiring people, learning new things and getting to share that with you. Today I have another wonderful Coffee Talk guest. I found Tammy through the internet when I wanted to learn more about Womb Yoga myself. When I started Coffee Talks, I knew I would love to have Tammy as my guest to share her knowledge with you. So I am very happy that she agreed to answer a few questions for me.

Do you have your coffee, tea or hot chocolate ready and are you ready to dive into the world of womb yoga and the feminine side of yoga?

DW: Dear Tammy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for me about your story, about yoga in general and especially about Womb Yoga.

To start, why don't you tell me about how your own yoga journey started? What brought you to practice yoga?

Tammy: When I was 14 years old, my mom showed me a yoga video by Ali McGraw and Erich Schiffman. I loved it and watched the video every day and practiced yoga. For those who would like to know more about my background, I write in more detail about where I come from, my story, how I got into yoga and why I love yoga so much in one of my blogposts.

(for those who would like to know more, here is the link Tammy is talking about)

DW: When you started yoga, did you already know that you wanted to be a yoga teacher one day?

Tammy: Honestly, it was never my intention. I didn't even know in the beginning that it was even possible to work as a yoga teacher and earn a living that way. I never went to a yoga studio. I always practiced at home the videos, which I knew through my mother. It wasn't until I attended my first teacher training myself that I also went to a live yoga studio.

DW: How did it finally come about that you started Womb Yoga?

Tammy: I have always suffered from menstrual irregularities because I have always had polycystic ovarian syndrome. I think because I've been self-taught since I was young, without having a single consistent teacher, my self-practice has always been my main practice (as opposed to going to classes) and so I've developed a very intuitive, self-directed approach and practice in a way that is attuned to my menstrual cycle, especially because my menstrual cycle always has such a strong and intense impact on how I feel every day. I have naturally gravitated towards teachers who emphasize a feminine approach to practice, with Shiva Rea and Uma Dinsmore Tuli being my main sources of inspiration. These international women teachers essentially gave me permission and legitimacy for the way I've always practiced for myself, but before it used to be called "womb yoga," the way I (and I'm sure a great many others!) practiced felt unorthodox because it didn't follow any strict structure, style, or lineage.

DW: I'm sure some of the readers have never heard of womb yoga. Can you maybe tell a little bit about it so that any one of the readers can get a more accurate picture?  

Tammy: Sure. Womb Yoga is an approach to yoga practice that honors and attunes to the feminine energies that are present in everyone.

DW: That means anyone can do Womb Yoga? 

Tammy: Yes, if you are willing and open to honoring the feminine forces within you, anyone can.

DW: Do you need any previous experience to do Womb Yoga or is it suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners?

Tammy: All you need is receptivity and mindfulness with an open heart.

DW: Can you do womb yoga when you are on your period?

Tammy: Yes, there are different tempos, intensities and postures that are appropriate for certain times of the cycle. During bleeding, a more grounding, meditative and restorative approach is best.

DW: Is there anything else someone should know before starting Womb Yoga?

Tammy: All healing begins with the love within.

DW: Thank you so much dear Tammy for your time and answers.

If you would like to learn more about Tammy, you can find Tammy on Instagram @tammysyoga and on her website:

Tammy not only offers Womb Yoga Teacher Training, but has a very inspiring blog on her website, leads retreats, Women Circles and much more. It's definitely worth checking out her work.