I am so grateful that Janina von Nookees agreed to be a guest at my Coffee Talk. Anyone who has followed or known me for a while knows how much I am interested in hormones and the cycle in general. So I'm very happy to share this Coffee Talk with you today.

Janina created something wonderful with Nookees. It offers a simple, vegan and toxic-free solution when it comes to sanitary napkins and tampons.

Now take your 5 minute break, enjoy your tea, coffee or your drink of choice and find out more about Nookees, who Janina is, what Nookees stands for and what makes it so special.

DW: Dear Janina, welcome to the Deboras Wellness Coffee Talk. I am happy that you are my guest today and let's dive right into the world of the Nookees.

For those who have no idea what Nookees is, would you like to tell something about it so that everyone can get an idea?

Janina: Of course. Nookees are underpants or panties with three press studs. There is also a matching bandage or panty liner, which also contains three press studs, the counterpart to the buttons on the underpants. So you can fasten the bandage or panties in your underpants during the period. You bleed into the cloth bandage and then simply change it with a new and clean bandage.

DW: How did you come up with the idea of starting Nookees? What made you do it, can you tell us something about it here?

Janina: It all started at the farewell party for my planned trip around the world. I still remember a friend telling me that she no longer uses tampons herself, she only uses sanitary towels. She said I should definitely try that too, as it allows you to get to know your cycle and your body better. Said and done. Then when I went traveling, I started to deal with this topic. I looked for suitable products and then came across washable sanitary towels. I actually used these for a while. I also read a book about the cycle during my trip so that I could learn more about it and better understand the cycle. I also wrote a book myself during my world tour. I always knew that this was the end of my journalistic career and that now was the time for something new. I didn't know what the new thing would be, but I knew and felt that it was coming.

Unfortunately, after a while, I was no longer satisfied with the washable sanitary towels because they didn't give me the support I was looking for. So I continued my research and looked again for suitable products for menstrual periods. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that came into question for me. I asked myself the question, why is there no way or no product that allows the bandages to be fastened better? It turned out I wasn't alone with this question. Many other women had exactly the same problem. So I tackled this problem myself. I got the idea with the snap fasteners and so I went looking for suitable fabrics that I could use that also had good absorbency. It all started in my mother's kitchen. I cut the first copies and tested the absorbency of the fabrics.

DW: I love it when the best ideas and products arise out of necessity. Are the fabrics you use washable? Can you use the sanitary napkin or panty liner more often?

Janina: The fabrics are all free of toxins and easily washable. In addition, Nookees panties are 100% vegan.

DW: The reader is probably wondering how many sanitary towels or panty liners are needed?

Janina: It's very individual here. We currently offer one size, but our panty liners and pads have different suction power. Depending on how often you change a conventional pad from the supermarket, it's the same with the Nookees pads. When it is completely bled, it will be changed.

DW: Will there be different sizes and colors in the future, or will it stay with one size and color?

Janina: That is definitely planned for the future.

DW: I think it's so wonderful that you are offering an alternative to the sanitary napkin and panty liner from the supermarket. For someone who has never tried an alternative, why would you recommend stop using tampons and choose a 100% organic and toxic-free pad instead?

Janina: The body bleeds during menstruation so that it can pass something. The blood should be able to flow out and not stay in the body. With a natural and toxin-free bandage, the blood can flow. The blood is absorbed by a non-toxic bandage. I've also heard from women who use nookees that it was the first time that they came through their period without pain.

DW: I read on your website that you donate one for every pair of underpants and pads you buy, is that correct? Would you like to tell a little more about it here?

Janina: There are so many women in the world, for example in Africa or Bali, who do not have access to menstrual products. I knew that when I started with Nookees, I would not only want to help women who can afford my product, but also the women who have no access or means to buy menstrual products. So for every pair of underpants and pads I buy, I donate one to women in need.

DW: I love that concept. Thank you very much for taking the time and answering my questions. Where can we read more about nookees and where and how can we buy nookees?

Janina: Im Moment läuft alles über die Webseite: https://www.nookees.com/

I have an Instagram account where you can see more about the Nookees and where there is also more information about the cycle: https://www.instagram.com/nookees_/

DW: I'm definitely a customer and a big fan of your products and your concept.

Thank you for being my guest.