W elcome to a new blog post. I want to share some thoughts and news with you this week.

Some of you may know that my journey to self-employment started with my own story. It all started when I changed my diet a few years ago. I quickly noticed that the change in diet only got the ball rolling and many other things were allowed to change. I have dealt a lot with the subject of self-love and spirituality. The more I got involved with nutrition, the more I noticed that I was becoming more mindful and my relationship with myself changed. I realized how closely spirituality, self-love and nutrition are connected. Since the topic of hormones has been with me for many years, including my own story, the topic of movement has also been added. Hardly a day goes by when I don't move my body mindfully. Be it for 20 minutes, an hour or just 5 minutes. Movement has to do with self-love for me and mindful movement is also a form of spirituality for me.

Because, in my opinion, these four things are so closely related, these four topics became the focus of my work. Therefore, I would not only like to pass on my recipes in my blog, but also write more intensively on the topics of spirituality, self-love, nutrition and mindful exercise. For me, everyone is part of a healthy lifestyle. From now on I will devote myself intensively to these topics and let you share my knowledge and experience through my blog posts.

And today we're already starting with it.

Today I want to write about mindfulness in the kitchen. Cooking is more than just eating, it is self-love and it also has to do with spirituality.

Our bodies start digesting much earlier than we can imagine. He sees the food that we are preparing, he smells it and so the first digestion is started. The body adjusts all of its signals to food and thus to digestion. So that the body digests the food optimally, how it is cooked is crucial.

You may be wondering why

Everything is energy, our food is nothing but energy for the body. However, it also plays a role with what energy the food is taken to you, what is the intention of your meal. How do you eat your meal, stressed, sad or bored? Are you completely stressed out while cooking or do you cook with love? This energy is transferred to your food and thus to your body and is absorbed and digested along with your meal.

Do you want to absorb positive energies? Do you want your body to have positive nutrition? Is it with nutritious food and positive energies?

I have attached 3 tips that will help you to bring more mindfulness into your kitchen and that will help you to support your digestion and your whole being in a positive way.

Take a deep breath
Our everyday life is often very packed. We don't always have the time to just sit comfortably in the kitchen and prepare delicious food. Still, it is important that we say goodbye to the stress of the kitchen. The quickest way to do this is very simple. Inhale very deeply once or a few times and, most importantly, exhale again. This simple method will help you get your body into relaxation mode. You can integrate this short and effective breathing method into your everyday life at any time. Whenever you feel that you need more balance in your life, take a few deep breaths and try to breathe out the longer.

Bring some vitamin L into your kitchen - cook with love
During my training as a health coach, I was able to learn something wonderful. The trainer kept talking about vitamin L. Vitamin L means nothing more than vitamin love. Since then I have been taking some of it every day for my meals, whether I cook for myself, my children or friends. The vitamin L has become indispensable. I firmly believe that when you cook with love, it carries over to your own body and also to those you cook for. So bring some vitamin L into your kitchen yourself and see how the people you cook and yourself feel like.

Gratitude for your body and your food
Gratitude is very important in every area of our life. We should start above all with ourselves and our body. Our body works at full speed every second, that we are alive, that we have a lot of energy and that we are fine. When was the last time you paid attention and gratitude to your body?

Spend even a few minutes a day showing gratitude to your body. You will see how he thanks you for it. The energies flow with more love, the body lets go of tension and you automatically get more balance in your everyday life.

I now wish you a wonderful week and of course I am always happy to receive feedback or I am always there for you for questions by email.