There is much more to our beauty and health than just a healthy diet.


Debora Accola

Hello dear reader
My name is Debora, I am in my mid-30s, live in the Swiss mountains and am the mother of twins. Debora's Wellness was created in autumn 2019. After my personal journey and relationship with food, which has changed a lot over the years. Food and I were not friends for a very long time. Calorie counting used to be important to me. I didn't realize that what matters is not how many calories I eat, but the type of calories. I often reached for ready-made products when I left home. I lived alone and I often didn't want to cook for myself. So there were often ready-made soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.

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When I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in my mid-twenties and later struggled with hormone problems, I decided to make a few changes in my life. I started to change my diet and my whole lifestyle. I changed my perspective on how I dealt with stress and how I dealt with myself. I started to cook myself and realized how delicious and easy it is to conjure up something healthy. I also noticed the change in my body relatively quickly. I got more energy, I was able to sleep better and, above all, more deeply, I was suddenly really relaxed in the morning, I no longer had any cravings and my body became firmer, I got cleaner skin and my hair structure also changed. I was more productive than ever and felt less stressful than ever.

I decided that I wanted more and so I completed the training to become a certified nutritional health coach. Debora's Wellness was born and so was my mission that I would like to share with you on my website and on social media. The mission of Debora's Wellness is simple: it's about a healthy lifestyle which doesn't mean exactly that for everyone.

Still, a few things are the same for everyone:
- A healthy and nutritious diet is what counts
- the right mindset
- the right balance with stress
- the right way to deal with yourself
- the right movement in everyday life

Debora's wellness is about showing how you can get through everyday life more mindfully and stress-free, how you can find time for yourself and how you can incorporate a healthy diet for yourself or the whole family in a stressful everyday life. I want to show how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. Here I am sharing all my wellness tips and the healthy recipes I have created myself that I conjure up for myself and my family. Food shouldn't primarily taste healthy, it should taste delicious and provide the energy you need to be your best version. My recipes are all sugar-free, wheat or even gluten-free and vegetarian, i.e. without meat.

Debora's wellness is not a diet, it is about enjoying everything in balance. It's not about prohibiting something. It's about finding out what is good for you and how you can live the best you can. How to get a positive mindset and how to hear yourself and take care of yourself, that body, mind and soul are in harmony. Debora's wellness is a lifestyle. It's about what you mostly implement and do and not what you do now and then.

I am happy that you are here and I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts.
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