Winter is coming to an end and spring is not far away. In a few days, on March 20th, spring will officially begin. Nature is beginning to wake up, the flowers in the meadows are beginning to bloom again. Astrologically, the new year begins with spring and the time of Aries. Everything stands for a new beginning or stands in the sign of awakening.

Perfect timing for a personal little spring detox. Many associate the word detox and spring with a juice cure. Of course, this is one way to cleanse your body. We may underestimate the power of small changes to make a big difference. First, the small changes are much less overwhelming. They are easier to implement and have the potential to bring about greater change. If you start small, you will notice how easy it can be to do something good for yourself. You are much more likely to stick with it, and so the change, no matter how small, is a new part of the daily routine. As a result, you invite more changes into your life, and one day it may create a whole new daily routine.

Today I'm sharing with you five little things that I once invited into my life that are now a big part of my daily routine. Five little things that you too can invite into your everyday life. They nourish your whole body from the inside and outside and bring a breath of fresh air into your life with spring and a wonderful spring glow that lets your skin shine.

Start lemon water

For years, not a day has gone by that I don't start without my warm lemon water. Starting the day with a glass of water and a lemon in the morning has countless benefits. Some benefits of starting the day with water and lemon include:

-Energy for the body (the body consists mostly of water. In the morning it is therefore dehydrated and if we give it water first, it is pure energy for the body)

-Vitamin C - support for the skin and the immune system (through the lemon we supply our body with vitamin C, which supports the immune system and also has a positive effect on the skin)

-Detox and support for digestion (water with lemon has a cleansing effect on the body and also boosts the digestive system and metabolism)

-Feeling safe (I learned on an Ayurvedic podcast that starting with warm water in the morning gives the body a sense of security.)

Eat your water

Eat your water German: eat your water. As already mentioned, the body consists mainly of water. The body needs enough moisture to have enough energy. Hence the phrase that one should drink enough. Water can be consumed in forms other than just drinking. There are countless wonderful foods that have a very high water content. A cucumber or green salad contains over 90% water. Melons, tomatoes, carrots, they too are wonderful sources of water. In general, fruits and vegetables contain a high proportion of water. Another advantage, they contain all the valuable vitamins and minerals that the body needs and nourishes it from the inside and outside.

movement for the body

Our body is made to move. The movement is one of the most effective ways to let your energy flow, positively influence your mood in no time at all and release tension. Just a few minutes of mindful exercise, whether it's just a short walk or a little stretching, can have a very positive effect on mood and energy. Daily exercise, be it just a few minutes, nourishes the body from the inside and outside and influences your overall well-being in a wonderful and positive way.

Nourish your body from the inside out

In order to get the perfect glow not only in spring, the body needs care and nourishment from inside and outside. This can be wonderfully implemented in the form of extra self-care time. Be it a little breathing exercise, a bath, some journaling (writing a diary), a meditation, a few positive affirmations or even reading a book. Whatever nourishes you and feels good for you, set aside a few minutes each day to nourish the body on a deeper level, to take time for yourself and your body and thus to get more balance.

Less is more

I live by this sentence. Be it when it comes to food, exercise or even things like my skin care routine. We often have the feeling that more is more. But the opposite is the case.

I've often pushed my body too hard, when it came to exercise or even skincare, I always thought you needed a lot of different creams. Today I really like to use only a simple and nourishing oil such as almond oil for my skin. The result: she has never radiated so much. You might think that oil makes the face look very greasy. However, I have read that an oil can also reduce wrinkles and moisturize the skin. Since I have very dry skin, I've tried countless things. Nothing moisturizes my skin, especially my face and hands, like a wonderful oil. It feels soft and smooth and makes my skin glow and give it the hydration I've always tried to get with creams before.

I was able to bring these 5 steps into my life easily and without much effort. Time for yourself or exercise are wonderful for our overall well-being. As mentioned, only a few minutes are sufficient here. Try it yourself, you have nothing to lose. Starting the day with water takes very little time and effort and taking care of your face with fewer products, who wouldn't want that?

All the best